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What is Hackcon?

Hackcon is the official hackathon organizers' conference. It's an opportunity to meet the community, learn from one another, and to tackle the issues that we are facing together. With two full days of workshops, talks, and discussion sessions, new organizers can learn best practices for running a hackathon, and veteran organizers will share their experiences and help guide the next generation.

Hackcon takes place twice per year – once in North America and once in Europe.

What will I learn at Hackcon?

Hackcon features talks, workshops, discussions, and activities with Hacker community experts. You'll learn a lot whether this is your first hackathon or you've been organizing hackathons since the beginning!

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Organizers Love Hackcon

  • "One of the most powerful impressions that persisted after my first Hackcon was a feeling of community. At Hackcon III, I was surrounded by organizers, whom I bonded with over a shared passion of painting a profound experience for hackathon enthusiasts. I left with a frantic desire to take what I learned to improve HackHolyoke and help build a community around hackers, which led me to becoming a part of the Hackcon IV organizing team."

    Thao Bach
    HackHolyoke + Hackcon IV Organizer
  • "Hackcon is the reason I started organising my first hackathon. The sense of community between hackathon organisers that is demonstrated at Hackcon made me feel really comfortable about organising an event, as I felt I could ask anyone about their own experiences. Additionally, the incredible lineup of speakers left me with ample knowledge to start up my first hackathon."

    James Brooks
    Hack the Holidays Lead Organizer
  • "Hackcon gave me invaluable insights on what should and should not be happening in the process of starting up a hackathon. I also found the experience of building community to be one of the most important parts of the whole hackathon scene, and Hackcon allowed me to feel comfortable meeting and developing relationships with people. I did not feel ostracized or uncomfortable being around so many people in the industry - I felt safe being who I was, something I don't normally feel at other similar events."

    Selynna Sun
    Los Altos Hacks Sponsorship Director

Learn more about Attending Hackcon!