MLH Hackcon North America Talks

Check out the talks from our hackathon organizers!


  • Reminisce on 2017 Dream for 2018

    by Chi Nguyen

  • Influential Questions

    by Tania Luna

  • Roadmapping A People-First Hackathon

    by Alex de Aranzeta

  • State of the League

    by Swift

  • The Life of Student Communities

    by Joe Nash

Lightning Talk

  • Overcoming Our Unconscious Bias

    by Maxcell Wilson Prince

  • Hosting High Schoolers At Your Collegiate Hackathon

    by Ashley Coleman

  • Getting Your Alumni Involved

    by Jesse Peplinski

  • Hacking Submission Numbers

    by Harrison Stall

  • How Diversity Starts With You!

    by Kaitlyn Yong

  • Hackathon's as a Coach - Sleep Schedules, Fires, Judging, Hackathons, Hackathon Tips

    by Nick Engmann

  • Engaging First Time Coders At Your Hackathon

    by Monique Tuin and Cathy Chen

  • Weather and Hackathons - When The Snow Hits The Fan

    by Velizar Demirev

  • Making Hackathons Special and Authentic

    by Maxime Alardo

  • What Having A Co-Director Taught Me About Marriage

    by Amreeta Duttchoudhury

  • How Diversity Starts With You!

    by Kaitlyn Yong

  • Make Your Hackathon Memorable - Hosting Hype Mini Events

    by Sanjana Chowdhury and Ivana Wakidi

  • Hacker Burnout

    by Timotius Sitorus


  • Strive for Sustainability

    by Kedar Vaidya and Audrey Vincent

  • Better Together - Leveraging The Alumni Community

    by Madison Pfaiff

  • Hackathon Sponsorship - Bringing Your Budget to the Next Level

    by Irfaan Khalid

  • More Than A One Hit Wonder

    by Kim Noel

  • What Sponsors Want: Hacks for Raising and Retaining Sponsorship

    by Alexandra Timbas